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Wolves are pack animals.

Every wolf knows his or her place within their pack – some are driven to challenge the hierarchy, to move upward through the ranks to the coveted position of pack leader, typically consisting of an ‘alpha’ male and female.

Challenging current leadership means risking what could be a comfortable and secure position within the pack.

The leaders of the pack enjoy various benefits, including first dibs on all meals AND the right to breed and reproduce. Typically, only the lead couples breed and have pups, but taking care of the young is always a team based effort.

Wolves understand that ‘it takes a village.’

Wolves get kicked out of their packs, or leave on their own, for a number of reasons – there are a lot of lone wolves out there.

While they are able to survive on their own, they are constantly seeking another pack. This is just what they do – it is their nature to seek community.

If a wolf has appeared for you, consider whether you are trying to be a lone wolf, to do everything on your own. Perhaps you need to rely more on your community for support.

Also consider where you are within the hierarchy of your various packs – is there a need to challenge the pecking order? Or, accept things as they are and settle into your role?

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