Wild Horse > Authenticity

Horses have done so much for humans – they’ve helped us win wars, make money, cultivate the land – the list is long and varied.

While typically thought of as being domesticated,  there are populations of wild horses in Alberta (and beyond) who may not be considered a ‘native species’  – some consider it more appropriate to say ‘feral’ vs. ‘wild’ – yet still embody those authentic horse-like traits we humans so admire.

Untethered by the constraints of human expectation, wild horses are free to abide by their family oriented nature – they form herds and create families.

They are rough around the edges but maintain their sleek beauty. These beings are the perfect expression of authenticity. 

The appearance of a wild horse is a signal to examine your true nature, both as an individual and as part of the human species.

Ask yourself:

Are you tapped into your authenticity?

Where do you feel like you might be holding back on your ‘wild’ nature?

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