Weasel > Inquisitive

Weasels live in a world of paradox, in which their insane cuteness on one extreme is only matched by their intense viciousness on the other. 

The ability to embody every nuance of expression which lies between these two states is one of the most enduring qualities of the weasel.

While evident in all members of the weasel family, this intense inquisitiveness seems particularly evident in the smallest – the Least, Short-tailed and Long-tailed Weasel.

Their smallness seems to punctuate their ferocity and adorableness. They are clever, cunning and curious. 

The appearance of a weasel is an invitation to engage with your natural curiosity.

Ask yourself, are you seeing all the nuances of your life experience from a multidimensional perspective? 

Be curious about yourself and your place in this world. Pay attention to your surroundings and strive to see beauty in the smallest of details. 

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