Toad > Sensitivity

Toads are an inspiring illustration of the power of sensitivity.

Like fish, amphibians have thin, porous skin, allowing them to absorb oxygen and nutrients from water, but also making them extremely vulnerable.

Their skin is less of a protective shield, as is the case with other animals, and more of a conduit to maintain balance with the environment.

In toxic environments, they get sick and die.

In healthy environments, they transform – literally metamorphosis – as a natural part of their life cycle. They grow limbs and lungs and learn to move on the land. 

Successful metamorphosis requires a continuous flow of oxygen, massive amounts of energy. The absorptive quality of their skin is essential for their transformation.

Sensitivity allows for transformation – how amazing is this!?

If you have ever struggled with being ‘over sensitive,’ and have not yet discovered what a super-power sensitivity is, just examine the energy of the toad.

In what ways do you need to embrace your sensitivity?

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