Starling > Harmony

Murmurations – even the word seems to resonate some mystical quality.

Starling murmurations is a phenomenon where thousands of birds fly in unison, creating undulating motion and shapes in the sky.

It is undeniable proof that there is some magical force orchestrating the rhythm of nature.

Individually, European Starlings are deceivingly beautiful, with iridescent sparkles embedding every feather.

As a part of thousands of birds moving as one, they are miraculous. 

Murmurations do not make sense to our human minds – too much to calculate – but they speak to the power of being in harmony, aligning with nature. 

The appearance of a starling is a trigger to ask yourself, are you doubting the existence of magic in our world? If so, google ‘Starling Murmurations.’

If you are feeling unbalanced, consider ways in which you can be in harmony with nature. Watch the sunrise/sunset. Lay down on the ground for a moment or two. Spend time with your pets.

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