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When the weight of the world is on the line, there is always a hero who embodies powerful resolve. 

It plays out over and over again in the movies. At the climax of the battle, when the hero is facing the ultimate threat (death), they are forced to look inward, to tap into something greater than themselves. 

Suddenly, their presence expands beyond their physical size and they are POWERFUL. Once tapped into this powerful resolve, they are able to easily and swiftly conquer their enemy. EG: Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader, Harry Potter vs. Voldemort, Hero vs. Villain in any movie, etc.

Spruce grouse – especially the males – are the perfect expression of resolve.

When they feel threatened, they not only expand their physical presence, they vibrate with intense ferocity, powerful enough to intimidate even the most powerful of predators. 

If a spruce grouse has entered your consciousness in some way, look inward and consider how steadfast, determined and resolved you are to living an authentic life.

Is your sense of resolve solid and secure or are you allowing boundaries to be pushed? How is this impacting your sense of well-being?

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