Snowshoe Hare > Ingenuity

These remarkably resourceful rabbits are an expression of the cyclic harmony of nature – the tragically beautiful climax of the predator/prey relationship: death of the prey, life for the predator.

Snowshoe hare, and hare/rabbits in general, are at the bottom of the predatory food chain. As a result, they have to be ingenious in terms of survival. And given this resourceful hare’s success as a species, they appear to be succeeding in ingenuity.

While seldom seen, their tracks speak to this ingenuity. They know their primary predator, the lynx, and take purposeful measures to elude them, creating fake trails in the snow. 

If a snowshoe hare, or any rabbit, shows up for you, consider where your energy feels stale.

Are there areas in your life where you need to be more alert, take notice of your surroundings and rethink things?

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