Pika > Preparation

Ah the noble Pika, guardian of North American rock slides, efficient gatherer of foliage, skilled in the art of preparation.

Part of the rabbit family, American Pika embody the same resourcefulness as their cousins – Snowshoe Hare – with the addition of the fact that they are ridiculously adorable AND have a very distinct alarm call. 

Their high-pitched ‘meep’ reverberates through high elevation, rocky slopes, a signal to other ‘rock rabbits’ to stand guard.

Vulnerable to Pine Marten, small weasels and various other predators, Pika are forced to be alert and attentive as they gather pile after pile of vegetation, preparing for the winter. 

The appearance of a Pika may signal the need to to examine your resources

Ask yourself, how prepared are you in the various aspects of your life?

Do you need to dedicate some time to replenish the well from which you draw your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual strength?

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