Pine Marten > Focus

Embodying erratically focused energy, Pine Marten are beautifully expressive and adorably entertaining. 

Like all weasels, they can be vicious when they feel threatened and are often described as the ultimate killing machines, perfectly constructed for ‘the hunt.’

Their tracks illustrate consistent and established patterns, yet they zig zag and veer off course – a lot. 

Marten are investigators of the forest who often veer off course to thoroughly examine every nook and cranny.

Yet, they are steadfast and stubborn in terms of sticking to a general trajectory, moving purposely towards a destination.

If a Marten has appeared for you, ask yourself where are you in terms of your goals AND where you are placing your focus?

Marten remind us: even if we have been drawn off course, we can always return to an established, soul-based path.

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