Grizzly Bear > Grace

Grace is an apt description of all animals, in the sense that they are – at a minimum – not vulnerable to the seemingly endless array of society-based ‘truths’ which we humans are forced to navigate.

Animals do not care about societal expectations. 

Bears – grizzly bears in particular – have an uncanny ability to be completely who they are in any setting. Like Bobcats, they are remarkably adaptable. 

Endangered in parts of Canada, they exude grace and fortitude as they move through the wilderness, navigating through numerous man-made obstacles. 

They are typically calm, docile and very attentive. Observing a grizzly bear sow care for her cubs will instantly dismantle any notions of the ferocious predator as often portrayed in media. 

A visit from a grizzly bear is a signal to align with the grace of animals. Consider tapping into grizzly bear energy when you are feeling overwhelmed by expectations.

What does a state of grace mean to you? How are you navigating the obstacles in your path?

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