Great Gray Owl > Purpose

With the mind-boggling ability to swivel their heads in all directions, owls are masters of keeping their gaze directed towards the bigger picture, analyzing and evaluating their surroundings from every possible angle. 

Great Gray Owls are the largest of all the owl species in North America, and they can see things that no one else can see. 

They see, or sense, traces of urine made by small rodents traveling under the snow. This, along with powerful eyesight and hearing, is how they find their meals. 

Imagine being able to swoop down from 20 feet or higher and grasp a tiny, unsuspecting rodent buried under the snow! 

Great Gray Owls see beyond the surface; they sense the multiple dimensions of their environment.

If a Great Gray Owl has appeared for you, it may be a signal to examine your purpose in life from multiple perspectives. Ask yourself:

Is there something present in your world that you can not see, but sense? 

What’s lurking under the surface, waiting to be plucked out and devoured in some way?

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