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Cats are very sensitive to, and in tune with, their environment. 

They have an uncanny ability to go from a state of complete relaxation to intense awareness, springing to action in milliseconds. 

Lynx are always ready to pounce. They are specialized hunters designed for swift, surprise attacks. 

For lynx, a hunt is typically very short – if they do not catch their prey with a swift pounce, they will likely lose out on a meal. 

They are not made for a long chase, or sustained running, like canines. 

It takes a lot of energy to be so reactive to your environment, to be a cat – always ready for the pounce. 

While the action part of the hunt may only last seconds, the energy required to spring into action at any moment is massive.

Yet when lynx are at rest – they are completely, unabashedly, fully at rest. We see this in our pet cats, many of whom sleep up to 20 hours a day.

The appearance of a lynx, or feline of any kind, is an invitation to ask yourself, are you allowing yourself the essential rest required to simply be present in all aspects of your world?

Even when you are NOT actively on the attack, so to say, in terms of completing your daily business, are you allowing yourself the essential rest needed to honour your body, mind and soul?

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