Bobcat > Adaptability

Looks-wise, bobcats are very similar to their feline counterpart – the Canadian Lynx.

Yet in terms of diet and territory, bobcats differ from lynx in that they are far less picky about their choice of food and territorial needs. 

While lynx prefer a diet of Snowshoe hare, bobcats eat virtually any meat-based substance they can get their fangs on.

Given these ‘generalist’ preferences, bobcats have the ability to not only survive, but thrive in urban settings. Even big cities like Calgary are home to an increasing population of bobcats, many of which live in heavily populated, inner-city neighborhoods. 

They are masters of adaptive coexistence, with the cat-like ability to adjust and go with the flow. 

If a bobcat appears for you, ask yourself where or how in your life you are being too rigid?

Can you shift your thinking or circumstances in a way that allows for a smoother, more adaptive relationship with your environment?

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